Photo by: Joshua Nowiciki

Photo by: Joshua Nowiciki

Early on in life, we decided life is too short to live somewhere ugly.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication to this principle, we finally and permanently landed in our paradise, St. Joseph, MI.

However, one night while sitting on our porch in St. Joseph, MI nuzzling cold Bell’s Oberon and watching the “show”- the sun setting behind the St. Joe Lighthouse- we resolved that a view like this was too magnificent not to share with the world.

The sweeping view of the iconic St. Joseph, MI lighthouse resting on the turquoise waters of Lake Michigan paints an extraordinary picture of life on the Great Lakes.

It would be a crime to not make it available to everyone, everywhere.

For those who have moved away from the city of St. Joseph, MI or for those who have yet to see the majestic St. Joe lighthouse, or even for those that live just up around the bend, we’re sharing with you the view that has kept us coming back for decades.

So sit down, crack open a cold one, and enjoy “the show”.

St. Joseph, MI Webcam Location

Our web cam is located on St. Joe beach immediately south of the St. Joe lighthouse and pier. You can use the Google map below to look at the exact location.

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